• budget deck (don't laugh lol)

    nevermind, someone put a kvt-m700 kenwood on CL so I picked it up for $200 with a pos, phoenix digital 10" drop down that I'm hoping to sell for...

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    Started by HawaiianBassHead

  • i-pad?

    i have a pioneer avh-4200dvd...i'm thinking about replacing my ipod with an ipad (64gb, wifi and 3g)...does anybody know if the ipad works with this...

    2 0 1,424

    Started by sf1nsfv

  • Macintosh Help

    I am looking for a fiber optic cable for a macintosh radio. I think the moble number is nx4000. If anyone knows where i can get a cable, has a cable,...

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    Started by B_runz

  • Headunit Install Help

    I want to put this Kenwood">http://"http://www.kenwoodusa.com/Car_Entertainment/eXcelon/Mobile_Video_n_Navigation/DNX9960"]Kenwood...

    4 0 43

    Started by AcidikBass20

  • loss of radio stations

    i have installed my system in my car but now im having problems picking up alot of radio stations. if i unhook the amp then its fine. why is that? ...

    5 0 46

    Started by Mr Wiggles

  • Which head unit

    I am looking for a new head unit Sony XAV-60 or a Clarion VX709.It is going into a 2002 Sunfire I have a Phoenix Gold Octane r 8.0.4 running 6.5...

    2 0 60

    Started by hellfire_436

  • ALPINE INA-w900bt and iphone problems

    Having a problem with my alpine, My iphone sees it but wont pair with it. What the fudge am I missing? I set bluetooth in to "hfp" and...

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    Started by 1LOUDSUV

  • old skool fosgate

    ok just got a rfx-8140 and a bnib rfx-8601 from a freind of mine. I remeber seeing these in a ton of db drag vehicles.why?

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    Started by splfrek

  • **** that don't work right!

    Well is seems the Alpine CD/DVD changer won't play DVD's, retail or otherwise... Also, the Alpine Navigation screen is asking me to "Press...

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    Started by Rob Tabor

  • Sony hard wired remote?

    Old model head unit. Anyone know the model number?

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    Started by tekk45

  • alpine 3DE-7985

    just bought one from a pawn shop today. just wondering what to expect from it?? ------------------ 95 Jimmy all electronics Rockford;speakers...

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    Started by scoupen

  • $1000 Dual Indash TV? lol

    http://limaohio.craigslist.org/ele/1712673639.html wtf are u kidding me. looks to be dual in the pic.

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    Started by Mr Wiggles

  • wiring harness for sony

    Where can I find a original wiring harness for a sony CDX-GT23W?

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    Started by Exile son of Exodus

  • modified HU... legal?

    Is modifying a HU to increase it's output legal? Increasing the output from say 10-15w to 25-35w. I haven't found a decent HU with a high output but...

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    Started by Exile son of Exodus

  • Alpine 7982

    Ok, recently i acquired a Alpine 3-disc in-dasn changer (7982) from a friend for installing his new stereo. It is still in pretty good shape, but...

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    Started by RockyFossy

  • Good 2-Din DVD HU

    looking to buy one but I don't need the best on the market. how is the JVC KW-ADV790? and are Jensens, Phaase Linear, Pyle, Boss, Power...

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    Started by bluesteve1

  • what headunit should i get

    im looking at the clarion vx409 or Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD

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    Started by mark_96_v6

  • 50w/pc... BS

    What is the power per channel of most head units? It is not possible to place a 200w amp into a head unit so where do they get these #s!!

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    Started by Exile son of Exodus

  • 2010 Mustang dash kits from CES

    I thought I would let everyone know they just came out with the replacement dash kits for anyone thinking about getting rid of the stock head unit...

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    Started by macmovieman

  • I need a plastic bracket kit

    Hello, i am in need of one plastic bracket kit to install one 7" minitor on my 2009 bmw 1 series hatchback ( e87 ) I need the bracket that...

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    Started by Panda40

  • Pioneer DEH-P360

    I just got 1 of these given to me. It looks like it's a pretty good cd player. What do you all think?? Never messed with this particular cd player.

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    Started by bassjunkie

  • eclipse cd5030

    i have a eclipse cd 5030 and when i connet my bluetooth from my phone to the head unit it works fine but when i make a call i can hear people talking...

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    Started by blkmrideon22s

  • lap top in car? why? Alpine W200 PXA-H701

    Alright, got my batteries, subs, sub amps, wires, terminal rings, HU, and crossover all figured out. Already have my highs/mids/amps. Working on an...

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    Started by kryptonitewhite??

  • Alpine IVA-w200 vs W205 vs D105 vs D106 to work with PXA-H701

    Hey guys, I think there are more Alpine HUs that can run the PXA-H701, but here's the list I'm working off: CDA-9887 good HU 4 volt outputs only...

    4 0 94

    Started by kryptonitewhite??

  • dvd player hu

    i'm looking to upgrade my hu to a dvd unit...how hard or easy is it to defeat the "play only while parked" wiring setup?

    7 0 156

    Started by sf1nsfv

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