• Rockford 3sixty.3

    Can anybody tell me your opinion about the new model of RF's processor? I was quit happy with the second edition but I meet sume problems with BT...

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    Started by Michal Dziobkowski

  • rockford 360.2

    love this thing. to bad they cant send me one that the bluetoth wont screw up in. im getting fed up with it. they are about to get a nasty phone call.

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    Started by john-hone


    The company which made the famous line driver that was in so many world record vehicles is back and I can't wait to get one again Swamp him with...

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    Started by dB Don

  • Rockford 3Sixty Series Processor(s)

    Hey guys. DO any of you know what other processors are available on the market other than the RF 3Sixty series ones ? I have a MKV Golf with the...

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    Started by CaTcH21

  • What would you want in the perfect SQ line driver?

    Hello, I also posted this over on the Canadian Car Audio forum, but this place feels like home! I'm just in the planning stages of designing and...

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    Started by RWAudio

  • Soundstream XBP-10 ANYONE??

    Well I have some damn Sony Deck hooked up to a MTX 1000XD. What would this do for me? I cant make heads or tails of it?

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    Started by marcmdm2005

  • Decent / Budget In-dash EQ?

    im basically just looking for gain controls for the front and rear channels going to my amp. It's going to be buried in the back behind the seat and...

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    Started by thumpintruckred

  • Question about a max link

    Alright guys here goes!! If I have a 2ohm dvc woofer and 4 saz 2000 can I strap all four together with a max link and wire the coils on the sub Sub...

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    Started by xfl

  • Audio Control Three.1 VS. Four.1

    Im looking to buy one of these but dont know which is better or what the difference between them even is.

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    Started by SHOCKED121

  • need a high pass filter

    for a 4 ohm speaker, 80hz with a 12db slope. using an online calculator showed i needed: 351.64332 cap with a 11.25259 coil. SO, how about these...

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    Started by mikeinausitn


    I've done a search and haven't found the answer I'm looking for . Can someone give me a review of this product please.

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    Started by turbodx

  • Maxxlink MLX-100 step by step videos.

    I receive emails, PM's etc regarding the Maxxlink on a daily basis so I decided to make a few vids. The first is pretty much like the manual and...

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    Started by Team Maxxsonics - Mike

  • im looking for a new crossover and hoping for maybe some advice from the people here

    im putting together a front stage for my truck its an 07 f150 cc.to replace the jl audio xr components and jbl amps that are in it now. i have a...

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    Started by jrfonte

  • Alpine PXA-H701 users, experience, sellers

    Anyone own any of these? Can I get 4 bandpassed outputs with it? I need 3 -way active... 2 outs for tweets HP, 2 outs for 4" BP, and 2 outs for...

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    Started by kryptonitewhite??

  • Electronic Crossovers

    Need recommendations on high quality Electronic crossovers that I can adjust freq range of front channels, rear channels, and sub(s).

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    Started by z3pr

  • whats i need,

    hey whats up i have a clarion tough screen deck it only puts out 2 volts to the subs, i do spl comps and i want the cleanest loudest bass possible i...

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    Started by kyle dixon

  • What do I need ??

    Okay, yes, I do need a clue, LOL. I am looking for a pre-amp unit that I can adjust to cut off frequencies above whatever point and cut off...

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    Started by z3pr

  • MX-3 Testing

    Well I know alot of you are waiting to see a test done with the MX-3 so here it is. Well lets start with the input voltage, 4 volt in seemed to be...

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    Started by dB Don

  • Need help with equiptment

    I have an Orion 2500d and it has NO remote gain control (kinda sucks when demoing etc)... Im looking at epicenter and Bass cube and all this and I...

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    Started by thumpintruckred

  • symmetry e28 card questions

    hi i recentrly bought a epx2 and i have some questions first: the led bar in the epx brain

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    Started by SPP

  • Building bass management system

    Hi, I'm looking to build a bass management system for my home theater and stumbled upon this site.... My Yamaha RX-Z1 reciever only has bass...

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    Started by tidan

  • XM radio for alpine

    TUA-T020XM is discontinued and that's the piece I liked. I want something direct connect for alpine and non-fm modulated. What's out there decent...

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    Started by thumpintruckred

  • cables

    owing to the ridculous mounting of the fascia plate of an erag320 in my sunvisor, the cable has broken around the areas of mass bendage. are these...

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    Started by van8oy

  • seq 9 plug

    does anyone know where i can find a plug for this eq or have 1 they're willing to part with?

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    Started by 70olds

  • Zapco Seq Board help

    whats up AF, i got an zapco board, and when i hook it up to my system, i get a feedback/hiss/whining noise i know it could be a ground problem, but...

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    Started by wizzy01

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