• Fiberglass anyone??

    Ok, here goes. I think better on my feet and have a hard time putting together what someone will not fall asleep while reading or listening to, so...

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    Started by Mabeita

  • First box

    Hi all I'm new to this forum with this post and have a few questions about building a box (hopefully this is the right section for it?) I have a 12...

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    Started by Andrayder

  • I need help in creating a LCD display

    I want to creat a LCD dispaly for all my fuseds in my stero system I plan on fusing everything so nothing blows so I would like to make a display so...

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    Started by over kill

  • Carpet Glue

    What is the preferred carpet glue of all box builders out there? During the summer the enclosure will be in extremely hot temperatures and during the...

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    Started by Cerwin Vega Fan

  • Ported Box

    This will be my 2nd box I have built. (1st one was sealed, but had too much internal volume) Now Im looking to better design my next box. My...

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    Started by Austin C

  • who can CNC Aluminum???

    anyone on the forum here that can CNC some 1/2" Aluminum for me? Not distro-blocks, but for some midrange grills of a particular...

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    Started by D-Bass

  • New Build for Saturn VUE *Pics Added 9-21-09*

    Been working up some ideas and have decided to persue the latest idea. Attempting to be LOUD and PIMP looking but is quite the challenge to both....

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    Started by BASSBOXMAN

  • box building

    would like some advice on a box design for a ford winstar try to get louder than 152

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    Started by tijae

  • Carbon fiber

    Is carbon fiber legal to use as an interior panel or for box construction?

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    Started by Jerry and his 2012 Mazda 5

  • displacement of an aero port.

    Does anyone know (or remember in my case) how to find the displacement of an aeroport? Im trying to remember the equation. Something like...

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    Started by resko1

  • Best Large void Filler

    I am looking to fill all the large voids and space between my speaker box and the vehicle frame. It is a 60cubic foot box and uses the entire...

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    Started by Team who

  • Fiberglass Resin Not Drying?

    I'm trying my hand at fiberglassing. Yesterday I layed the mold for a subwoofer box. Today, 18hours later or so, it is still wet. WTF did I do? ...

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    Started by BlazedGlory

  • WHERE to get thick plexi/lexan

    Can anyone tell me a good place to get cheap plexi or lexan? I am looking for a thickness of 3/4 to 1 inch. Need to know what it comes in for sizes...

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    Started by Alaake

  • any pics of fiberglass dashes?

    Going to be doing a fully glassed dash in my bassracer for next spring. Lookin for some ideas so post your guys pics of glassed dashes if you have...

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    Started by Wagonized

  • 2003 Caddilca Sevile SLS

    Quick one here. My friend has a single Treo SS 12" He has removed the factory 12 in the rear deck. What do you think about building a ported...

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    Started by marcmdm2005

  • New member looking for some advice

    Looking for a reputable shop in the Maryland area or even a member of the forums thats local to build a sub box for me and possibly install...

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    Started by SOSinMD

  • box build

    I got a 94 mustang gt and i am wanting 2 put a custom box where the spare tire goes. i looked up a rectanglar box calculator on google, a 25x25x6 box...

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    Started by justin1989

  • Speaker Rings

    What is the best thing ti use to cut speaker rings?? I tried a jig saw and my blade bends to much and it comes out looking like a octagon. I am...

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    Started by hydrosoundz

  • CRX

    Trying to see how any of you lock down your hatches on a Rex. I can see day light through mine when I hit a low note so I am losing alot of pressure....

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    Started by DDJIMMY

  • Customize door panels

    To save on money and learn something new I was to try and customize my door panels. Sounds easy but doubt it will happen the way I want it to the...

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    Started by Tooloud_4_me

  • Rhino liner

    Just curious as to if coating the exterior of your box with a truck bed liner similar to rhino liner adds any structural strength or is it purely an...

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    Started by captaincheesey

  • pop trunk

    if I wanted to use linear actuators to open and close a trunk where would I start?

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    Started by Cutlassthunder

  • T-Line enclosures

    hey i'm new and i really need a proper detailed procedure on to calculate and build a t-line box for say an orion HCCA 15 @ 40 hz.if possible can a...

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    Started by Asylum

  • has anyone tried coating boxes with this?

    http://www.shopmaninc.com/kk121.html Edit: I just fixed the title for spelling to make it easier to read. Nothing else was changed---Andy

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    Started by 1banginbuick

  • 1983 Goldwing

    Any suggestions for fabricating a DIN receiver module with a 6.5" speaker on each side. I have found old ones on ebay, but they only house a...

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    Started by Erik Martin

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