• Replacement Amps - HELP!

    I had 4 amps in storage that have been stolen: (1) JL 500/1 (1) JL 300/4 (2) JL 300/2 I see that JL doesn't make the slash series any more, but I...

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    Started by mjs

  • sound quality

    i got 2 12's md's they 2ohms and pushes 1800 watts a piece. wat should i do to get the sound that im looking for im trying to get into competition

    3 0 547

    Started by pepsmith

  • Help with Term-Lab RTA.

    If there is anyone out there that is familiar with using the Term-Lab RTA in a car environment. I could sure use some help. I am using a dedicated...

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    Started by Kelly383

  • help need it for sq?

    hi im trying to build a nice sq sys for daily drive..this is what i have in mind 1 jl audio 500/1 sub amp 1 jl audio 300/2 comp amp 1 jl 8"w7...

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    Started by blueski

  • Which amp for SQ

    Here is the setup I'm looking at HU Alpine IVA W205, Processor Alpine 701, 2 sets MB Quartz QSD 216 and FI Q 12" sub. I already have the Qsd...

    15 0 422

    Started by cdj123456

  • SQ Car by CZAUDIO.EU

    Here some pics of the SQ Car of my brother in law... Its a BMW Leathered Hood and Trunk with silver aplications Handmade Doorboards Seats...

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    Started by dB Drag Feldjaeger

  • Memphis Audio CA300-4 vs. Zapco AG360

    I'm going to get a CA300-4 and I wanted to know if tthere would be a sq difference? I know the Zapco is rated 40x4 and the Memphis is rated 75x4. My...

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    Started by So_Lo_Saturn

  • Which is better 15s?FI BTLs or RE MTs?

    Im abit confused which sub would i pair for my Sundown SAZ-3000d? 15 FI BTLs or RE MTs? jut for a little sq for my Yaris Sedan... thanks...

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    Started by DyMac

  • sweetest headunit ever.

    What is the all time, mac daddy, numero uno sound quality head unit ever produced? I've owned a few of my own fav's, what are...

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    Started by jozer

  • USACI World Finals Dallas, TX

    Hope you guys can make it...... World Finals 2008 - Dallas, Texas State Fairgrounds - Automobile Expo Hall - 11/15-16/2008 Downtown by the Cotton...

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    Started by avaryj

  • 1 set, 2 sets, or 4 sets of components?

    I have a 2010 Camaro and installed 2 sets of Alpine SPS 600c's, an Alpine SUB all running off an Alpine PDX-5 channel amp. 832 RMS watts. I will be...

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    Started by Kevin Norris

  • Dynaudio, Helix subs?

    Anyone have any experience with either of these subs? I ask about the Dynaudio's simply because they make a brilliant component set, so I'm...

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    Started by jeremyeb

  • Zierbox shows and tells ALL on the Sound Q Ranger a Top Sound Quality IASCA and USAC

    Show and tell

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    Started by Todd Zier

  • Image Dynamics ID12 or IDQ12? Help Please

    Hey all,im about to get my first sub and ive been doing ALOT of research trying to find the perfect SQ sub...ive heard alot of good things about...

    4 0 217

    Started by roseda91

  • Boston Acoustics vs JBL

    I have an Arc Audio KS 300.2 amp that does 180 x 2 @ 4 ohm and was looking at either Boston Acoustics PRO60SE, JBL GTO series or even the CDT Audio...

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    Started by orlandoman

  • Crystal Mobile Sounds

    Any idea if they are still around? They used to make some decent stuff but I haven't seen them in years. Their website mentions a new look for 2006

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    Started by D-Bass

  • Hybrid Audio Legatia tweeters

    Just got me some Hybrid Audio Legatia L1V1 tweeters. From what I understand from reading off of the Hybrid Audio Forum I have to cross these over...

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    Started by So_Lo_Saturn

  • Active vs Passive

    I have Morel Dotech Ovation 6 running active on the Arc Audio KS 300.2 getting 180 x 2 and wondering what would happen if I ran them active on a 90 x...

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    Started by orlandoman

  • Treo vs JL

    I am new to these forums I want to thank you all for the amazing information out in these forums. I have tried a search but have found nothing. I was...

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    Started by panda

  • x over points

    i know i asked before but the post is gone. where is a good start for setting x over points? highs, mid range and midbass.

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    Started by john-hone

  • 2011 Camaro box Enclosure

    I have a camaro and got my self a 12" RE MX Dual 1 and to push this sub I have a Crossfire XP 1400D. Has anyone done a enclosure for this sub on...

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    Started by RolandoXSPL

  • 3/4 way crossover & processor?

    Looking for opinions on 3 or 4 way active crossovers, preferably 4 way if available and/or best reasonably affordable signal processor. I just...

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    Started by tekk45

  • Best 4 door sedan for SQL

    What do you guys think? I'm talkin' about a top shelf 3-way front stage & SQL bass in the trunk. I'm gettin' ready to drop all my equipment into a...

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    Started by mjs

  • x over points

    So say I were messing with a car and wanted to set x over points. What would be a good point for tweeters, mids and mid bass. I know every car is...

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    Started by john-hone

  • 3-way for a 2000 lexus Es300

    Hiquphon OW1 & MBQuart Q series tweets ScanSpeak Revelator 12M/4631G 4.5" Midrange Dynaudio MW 172 midbass Hiquphons and the ScanSpeaks in...

    5 0 77

    Started by mjs

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