• You dont know what your missing.

    For the people whom never competed at a NSPL competition you just dont know what your are missing. I have been competing with NSPL for many years...

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    Started by SPLMAN

  • who's going on 21st

    who's going to pine forest show in fayetteville? ------------------ just cause you ain't from the ghetto doesn't mean your ride can't be

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    Started by scoupen

  • NSPL Spring Break

    Any word yet as to when or where or if it is going to happen? Craig ------------------

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    Started by Killi

  • fusing??

    how far does the fuse have to be from the battery up front??? is there a rule as far as how close they have to be for additional batteries in the...

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    Started by scoupen

  • Results for the 16th?

    c'mon....let me know how y'all did.... ------------------ U.S.Amps dealer Loudestyet@aol.com Loudestyet@yahoo.com ...

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    Started by VegaS10

  • NSPL show on April 16

    There will be a NSPL show this weekend in High Point, NC. Also there will be SQ competition that day. If you have any ?'s please go to ...

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    Started by mandingo

  • damn work schedule

    my car will be done in the next couple of days, and it doesn't matter, cause i have to work for the next three weekends.....if you ever join the...

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    Started by scoupen

  • Damn linear X meters

    Is it just me or does a linear X just break your heart!! to be hitting in the 150's Then all of a sudden on one of these your in the mid to high...

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    Started by BOBEJUICE

  • double points show

    There will be a double points show for NSPL in Rock Hill, SC this Sunday. It starts at noon so if you can make it as a competitor or just as a...

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    Started by mandingo

  • I feel like neon boy

    Is it just me or am I the only one trying to post in here ? Like neon boy does in his own forum. !!!!!!lol Also not knockin any body but severals...

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    Started by BOBEJUICE

  • National coverage????????????????

    I was just wondering about some Ideas to come up with for more recognition. Not to knock Dbdrag but I really enjoy thNSPL break downof classes the...

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    Started by BOBEJUICE

  • something to post

    This is tomake it so BOBE's name isnt the only one in the autgor frame..lol. Hey man, don't worry, I'll be goin to alot more shows with ya here in a...

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    Started by VegaS10

  • April 16th whos gonna be there?

    Just wondering whos gonna go to the comp in Highpoint ? ------------------ N.C. Plates U.S.AMPS Are you jealus? Im starting out small But...

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    Started by BOBEJUICE


    THEY JUST UPDATED THEIR EVENT CALENDER ------------------ N.C. Plates U.S.AMPS Are you jealus? Im starting out small But all the little...

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    Started by BOBEJUICE

  • SC CAts up in here too!!!!

    Nice to see that Carolina pride flowing through this website. I've got like 3 possible projects in the works, so I'll let you know what drops off in...

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    Started by HORNETS NEST

  • Us NC boys

    I do beleive us guys from NC will be spending some time in here considering NSPL is right out our back doors ------------------ N.C....

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    Started by BOBEJUICE

  • i missed out

    Just about the only thing I can compete in is nspl..and I missed the moderator job....lol..oh well..I will be in this section ALOT...thanks wayne for...

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    Started by VegaS10

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