• Happy New Year !!! ...

    Hey, we already have 2002 here in Germany ! So best wishes to all of you and a good 2002 season for us all...

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    Started by TheBigOki

  • how to buy a membership?

    with out a CC? Do I mail money to Wayne? what's his address?

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    Started by HGCA

  • Membership fee vs. Event fee

    why is that eventho you are a db drag member you still have to pay some sort of a fee at an event?? is this fee charged by the host of the show...

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    Started by Tinted

  • Thanks Wayne

    http://www.termpro.com/dbdrag/ quote: by Wayne Harris: Michael Hughes has the LOUDEST car stereo system on the planet. Find out more by...

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    Started by SPL2000

  • CES 2002

    CES 2002 - January 7-10, 2002. dBDrag at LVCC North Hall 1-4 in Booth 4700? Alma Gates and the Brono at the Metra/Tsunami booth LVCC North Hall 1-4...

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    Started by SPLCivic

  • Stats page confusion.

    Why would I have 38 points on my stats page and only be listed with 30 on the leader board? Click link below. And be sure to visit my...

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    Started by Neill Barber

  • Why???

    Why does competitors from the USA ALLWAYS think that good SPL numbers only can done in the USA? There are some good dB cars outside the USA to that

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    Started by Kim

  • the loudest street 1-2 car in the world!!???

    euro finals results does dave lawerence have the second loudest CAR in the world???? 158.7 euro finals nov 2001 he he ...

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    Started by excelaudio

  • anyway to get event results not listed?

    i've been looking for results to a comp i didn't even qualify at and had to leave early, in particular the South Bend, Indiana comp on sept. 30th....

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    Started by Sir_Stickybuds

  • Got Problem with Shocker!

    Hi there Everyone. We(my brother and me) was ordering some subs through our friends company Technovox in Sweden,I think it was May 2 .We sended him...

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    Started by Fredrik F

  • Hey, see my Christmas Tree...

    This year I build my own Christmas Tree ! (Or should I say "X Max tree ???) Easy to build, but not cheap... You need : 1 Stroker 18 1...

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    Started by TheBigOki

  • stats page error!

    they have spelld my name wrong on the swedish finals 01 so the score does not appear on my stats page..... wrong name: "Janne...

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    Started by Gummi

  • How To Get Big Cash For Final$$$

    If anyone try to get big cash on final, first you have to support dB Drag by sending out the letter to all the stereo shop and manufactory asking for...

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    Started by hdn23

  • Cool Audio Related License Plates

    On a lighter note; what cool Personalized car-audio related license plates do you have or have you seen? I like the one we had on our Jeep and on...

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    Started by iansdad

  • Tuner Bash

    this seems like it will be cooler than SBN. If i can take some vacation I'm gonna go to be a spectator. Just thought I'd put the info in here...

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    Started by mike_m

  • It must be the Missouri water

    Danny and Melinda- look what you started. December 20th 10:44 AM Name: Abby May Walters 6lbs 12 ounces 18.5 inches long December 20th 11:02...

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    Started by ASEKent

  • Steve Cook,s Audio X, Show...............

    We will be having an Audio X mas Show! on Dec. 16th Come out and have some fun! games,free stuff too. For Some DB fun!! Audio x 1905 woodward ave....

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    Started by COOKIN

  • world finals 1st place gets $5000.00 per class?

    What do you guys think about this idea that an "elbow" of all people thought up. Let's take dbdrag to the next level. I mean so big that...

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    Started by atomicelbow

  • newest addition to our team

    well, we have a new addition to our team! HE was born at 2:30 a.m. dec 15th weighing in at 6lbs 11oz and 21" long MELINDA was in labor for...

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    Started by TRENDSETTER

  • Pictures of the Daytona location

    Hey wayne, How about pics of the daytona location we'll be at in march..is there a hotel on this site, or what.. Big Ed

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    Started by Big Ed

  • Merry Christmas to all

    I would just like to say Merry Christmas to all of you. This has been a great year and next year will be even better. Big shout out to all that...

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    Started by Big Ed

  • JH in Cognito...

    I think JH has been spotted... John Henry, the current owner of the Florida Marlins, is part of the new ownership group controlling the Red...

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    Started by Josh Schmillen

  • Who is going to live oak Dec 1st

    Like it says, who is going??

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    Started by spl1

  • wayne....what is commercially available?

    5-2 All audio equipment must be (or have been) commercially available. The determination as to whether a product is (or was)...

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    Started by scoupen

  • please read

    Can everyone help. I'm doing a research project for Soiology and would like it if everyone would answer some questions for me. 1. How old are you? 2....

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    Started by exotic

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