• Street Class Electrical systems... part 2 ???

    Wayne, here are a few more questions that I believe have not been covered regarding street class. Simple yes or no should be fine.... Thank you....

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    Started by Team Epicenter

  • removable/ not hooked up

    Yes or no 1. Can any portion of the audio system be removed and placed in another competitors car? Example, sharing amps, woofers, box, caps, CD...

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    Started by acefosg8

  • 10 steps to street class?

    Would you say that it is safe to say that for the rules sake that the only thing allowed in the Street class for upgrades of a vehicle purchased off...

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    Started by acefosg8

  • Mic positioning...not the jig..the mic itself...

    Okay..this is something that has come up in our area: In placing the mic should it be parallel with the ground or parallel with the windshield or...

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    Started by Queen Tara

  • street class-electrical

    Simple yes or no is fine for reference. 1. May you upgrade your alternator to higher output? 2. May you upgrade your battery with a higher CCA...

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    Started by acefosg8

  • street/superstreet - mods

    Just for future quick reference 1. What is the maximum allowable thickness of material to be used on any surface (ex-doors)? 1/4", 3/8",...

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    Started by acefosg8

  • Jig placement

    For future reference 1. Is the mic jig used with the the long arm in the horizontal position, not diagonal, making the measurement from the...

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    Started by acefosg8

  • odds and ends

    simple yes or no will do for reference. 1. May you pay to compete and take a 0 for your score and never run your car through lane to collect...

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    Started by acefosg8

  • street class-amps

    Simple yes or no will do for reference. 1. May you have other amps in the car totaling to more than the peak for each class? 2. If yes, is the...

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    Started by acefosg8

  • street class-boxes

    I want some answers on boxes on this post that I can use for reference at a show. Simple yes and no by each number is fine. 1. Car-may your fold...

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    Started by acefosg8

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