Wayne~ When does the next season officially start?? They are a few shows that i am planning on going to(Sept 29 and Oct17) .....but if there arent...

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    Started by shock da world

  • Replys

    Thanks for the clarification, Dr Loudness. I havent been on this board for long so really missed that post. Mike

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    Started by bikemike

  • Answer to Bikemike

    Hi I am not official person, but I asked same question, and here is answer. ...

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    Started by Dr.Loudness

  • Questions and Answers

    Does anybody read the questions in this area, it seems to be a dead end..

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    Started by bikemike

  • rulse for street 3-4

    i need some help understanding the rules for a extended cab s10 pu i was told that i can take out the fold and bee leagel just wanna make sure...

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    Started by chevythunder

  • Speaker sizes

    How do we determine the correct size of these new speakers that are shaped Triangular, Square and Hexagonal. They are not a true reflection on...

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    Started by bikemike

  • wanye, new forum format has problems

    i talked to epaul and he agreed. since this new format has been setup we've been having problems with our computers locking up. i'm constantly...

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    Started by limige

  • Changing Classes This Late in the Season

    Due to unforseen circumstances, nameley a quarter mile track and a 50 shot of Nitrous, my motor in my Street 1-2 go boom, and I don't mean the SPL...

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    Started by Wallstreet Chris

  • Rules for classifing car

    I was at the big show in denver a few weeks ago. I didn't compete but I noticed that everyone have a wall. If I had competed I would have been the...

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    Started by maveric69

  • Wayne my trophie

    Wayne I still have not recieved my trophie for the triple pointer way back in the begining of the season form Omaha NE. Any information on this.

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    Started by titus

  • Wayne Harris please read

    I know your super buisy with finals just around the corner, but just a quick question. There is a guy who owns a local car audio shop who said he was...

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    Started by Shermbot

  • You might want to post your dB drag questions in dB Drag racing section

    I havent seen questions answered here for several months now.

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    Started by Hiddy Ho

  • Seat belts in ss?

    weve never had to have seatbelts atany othe show but who know at finals? anyone?

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    Started by E-Power

  • answer for bikemike

    with the oem skin rule. You can not make the painted surface area larger than it came from the factory. It is the same for a truck topper. It has to...

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    Started by Anthony

  • Extreme - OEM mods - extensions.

    Hi Wayne - I hope this isn't a stupid as it sounds. I have a competitor asking about the extreme div. he is questioning the following note. 4-4...

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    Started by bikemike

  • Answer for Peteyglad

    your friend is wrong. It doesn't matter if you have a hatchback or not.. sting test applies, unless you veghicle HAS A TRUNK, not ACTS like, or is...

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    Started by SPL Jester

  • Peteyglad

    Only Wayne can directly respond to post made in this section. That is why I made this post, to help guide you to the answers you seek. Good Luck. ...

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    Started by Sid Grice

  • "wall" in hatchback

    I have a friend who has his box in the back of an RX7. The box extend above the "wall" line across the bottom of the window. My question...

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    Started by peteyglad

  • answer for exotic

    september 16th 2001

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    Started by Terry Jackson



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    Started by supper street

  • points

    When is the cut off for points and certified SPL.

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    Started by exotic

  • amp in passenger compartment ss 1-2 nw

    if i have an enclosure that doesn't go above the window line and is 2 inches behind the door jam can i mount a board ahead of the enclosure that is...

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    Started by strokerD

  • Street 3-4 battery

    I am in street 3-4 and was wondering if I am allowed to put the second battery on the floor of the car in the rear passenger area?

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    Started by BeachSound

  • hmmmm

    i think answers to generals rules questions should get posted on here, just to clear it up for everybody. just a thought.

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    Started by ianrulz123

  • Back window mods

    My car has a big ported box that extends close to rear window. Four of the amps are mounted on the back of the box visible through the window. I...

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    Started by Todd

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