right now i've got 2 21" ia dp's in a 2001 hyundia accent 2-door hatchback with a mojo 4kw walled off. i have played with the box and car and have reached 149+db @ 45hz. this thing takes up my whole car! i have a 200a iraggi, 2-kinetic 1400's, 1 run 0ga installed (have more in house), 1-mojo 4kw (actually have 2 but only want to use 1 in this car) or 1-rf t4000bd (just got it!!!). do yall think i can get some smaller woofers so i can put my seat and stuff back in the car and still get this loud. maybe some bad ass 12's or what? i will be using either the mojo 4kw or the rf power t4000bd. i listen to rap, sound quality is not a huge factor but it will mostly be for daily driving. i have 2 12w7's here but i hear that they dont really get high numbers. maybe some dd, ssa, mtx, sundown, or other suggestions. i really wasn't satisfied with the 21's in the wall in the hyundai, i'll save them bad boys for an suv. what do yall think about the amps (which do yall think will hit better #'s)? i got a termlab so i will be compairing them. any suggestions are welcome.
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Team 808
Ya i would scrap the wall .Do 2 10in subs .DD's ,sundown ,or whatever .Just make sure they can handle the power .The mojo 4k is power hungry ,but still a nice amp . Have the 2 10's facing up on the pass side ,with an 8in aero port facing the drivers side .This will be louder than your wall .Its gonna take skill to build the box ,but i have seen it done ,and its killer . not sure what size the box should be ,but i would start at 2 cubes, and you will probably have it down to 1.5 by the time you are done .I have seen this box do 152's with 5k
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