I have about 75% of the equipment on hand and am just waiting for the rest to come in before I start. First I will be putting a Alpine IVA-D310 single din head unit and a center channel speaker in the double din opening... Has anyone installed a din head unit as well as a Alpine SBS-05DC center channel speaker into a double din opening and if so how did you go about it? Has anyone used the Scosche CR1291 dash kit for 08 Sebring? (see link below) It is two brackets instead of a complete box frame. I suspect that this may work better than the box frame for what I am trying to accomplish. And what harness adapter did you use? If anyone has installed an Alpine TV head unit please give the part number so I can l look to see if that will work for my install.

The IVA-D310 is a DVD/TV head unit and I have heard that there are issues with installing a TV head unit in the 07 & 08 Sebring... has anyone encountered any wiring problems while attempting to install a TV head unit in either of these years models? If so what was it and how did you end up solving the problem?

I will be replacing the stock speakers in the front doors and in the rear deck. 6.5" coaxial Focal's in the doors and 6"x9" coaxial Boston Acoustics in the deck. These will be driven by a Rockford Fosgate T400-4 amp. As well as 2 Boston Acoustics G2 12" dual voice coil subs in a custom designed ported box in the trunk driven by a Sony XM-SD51X running at 2 Ohm putting out 500W. I will be running the amps thru a dual 1 Farad capacitor set-up from Audiobahn. All power and ground connections will be thru 1/0 AWG and interconnections will be 18 AWG wires... all copper is 100% pure crystal-oxygen free. When the time comes to replace the battery it will be replaced with an Optima and the alternator will be replaced with a high output model for high amp usage. Distribution block and positive battery terminal will be gold plated and digital displayed to monitor current. The fuse blocks, in-line fuse holders and terminals will also be gold plated.

I will be using the Alpine PXA-H701 processor as my multimedia controller and as active crossover... only thing that concerns me is that I am fairly new to the high end, pro-sumer end of the car audio components. And I know that the H701 is very sensitive to the order of hook-up. If someone could point me towards a source of info to help me to better understand not only the H701 but the entire mobile audio thing. I also know that the H701 has so much control that if you know what you are doing it is great... if you don't you are likely to just screw EVERYTHING up! I do have a decent understanding of home audio but there are so many things that differ in car audio and there are few things translate directly from one to the other. One thing that come to mind is the change in ohm load.. not something that I have considered in my pro-sumer home theater... and plays a huge roll in the car. I do know from a rather reliable source that my Sony amp is in fact 1 ohm stable (despite not claiming so in any of the specs) how do I wire the amp and 2 subs in order to take advantage of this ability of the amp?

If anyone has any input or suggestions please feel free to! I look forward to any help that anyone can give! Thanks for taking the time to look this over ! ~Fatalii

Double din brackets mentioned above
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first of all, there is no way you are wiring two G2 dvc's to a single 2ohm load. They only come in single 4ohm or dual 4ohm. Two of the dvc's give you the option of 1ohm or 4ohm at the amp. So, you'll have to pick whether you want it at 4ohm, or 1ohm.

The dashkit shouldn't be a problem, but the wiring harness will be about $130 to interact with the CANBUS data system, which also creates your accessory from data. If you get the C2R-CHY4 or CHYAH08 module, you can do steering wheel controls with just one SWC module. If you get the C2R-CHY3 or CHYAH06 canbus module, you will need two SWC modules for steering controls, which will cost you ANOTHER $100 beyond the $230 you otherwise need
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D-BASS you're right. Other thing, you're going to built a 5.1 you need another amp for the center. the pxa-h701 have F1,F2,CENTER,REAR,SUB. F1 for tweeters or selectable for full range. Here is the sweet spot for sq combination. F1 for a hi-end tweeter that can go down ; in pilars with the right angle. F2 in doors or kick panels, preferable raw drivers without passive xovers. alpine center with 70 rms or more with cleans amps; remember that you can selected the frec. and the slope with the 701. In rear you can use those coaxials, and in sub you know. I don't like sony amplifier but used. The magic is in the F1,F2, and center. With proper settings,gains,slopes,speakers position you can rival good sq cars. BUT AMPLIFIERS ARE VERY IMPORTANT IN YOUR CASE. If you learn to use the 701 correct you're Done.
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Feel free to use us as a resource for your sound Q needs. We are local to St. Louis and sound Q is what we do. Talk to you soon.
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