I have 2 DD9515g's. They are dual 1 ohm wired in series parallel to give me 1 ohm nominal. I'm running them on a saz-3500d.
My vehicle's resonant frequency is 51hz.

I have been considering building a 5.5ft^3 box tuned at 47hz with (6) 4" aeroports. Subs up port in the driver side facing the cover of the spare tire jack.

Tell me what I should change, what will work better etc.

(Currently I have them in a daily box that is 8.5 net tuned to 38hz. I can hit 148's all day and occassionally 149's. I rise to 2.5ohms. )
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3 6" ports?

maybe try adding wood in your current box to take up space, and keep testing until you find a good volume
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