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T3audios160s db jeep
the neighbor hood isnt great some places didnt seem as safe at night the host hotel is like 10 miles away in a nice upscale neighbor hood
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Alan Dante
just burp extreme 1 ... iam think droping to extreme 1 thats all i can said loud like ever!!!
now i need one 3x to go and get extreme 1 world record!

about db drag finals ,best luck for every one , i just don't know what class i go?extreme 1 or extreme 2 ?
we see after my run for extreme 1!
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F.O. SPL Deezy
Originally posted by PeteS:
Now I just have to find a place to stay for like $40 or less per day and figure out how to get around. This sounds like fun.
we stayed at the super8 college park last year, hotel was quiet, clean, maybe not the best but it was nice enough and really cheap. We will probably stay there again this year too, if you wanna ride with us back and forth its cool, hell your welcome to come party with us canuks too if you want lol.
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