Well this year marked the 10th WORLD FINALS for myself personally. The first three was with my team as World Finals participants and the last seven have been with work in a media capacity. So I think I have a pretty good understanding of the sport and its evolution over the last decade.

So many things to touch base on and I will do that so be prepared to read.

But for starters I want to send a SPECIAL THANKS and congratulations to DETLEF in Germany for putting on ONE HELL OF A SHOW. This man knows how to put on a show and I have to say that attending WORLD FINALS at the European venue this year was spectacular. I know there is a lot that goes in to putting a show like this together and I am glad that I was able to experience it first hand. Rest assured everyone I spoke with at the German venue had the same thoughts and feelings as well.

I will have many pics to come along with the article to follow.

NOW on to some things I want to discuss, share or whatever you want to call it.

First off, my hats off to the European competitors for your scores, results and just plain sick set ups you have put together.
So many people talk about the euros this and the euros that, the lack of judging and other "issues" and I will be THE FIRST to tell you to ZIP IT... the amount of judging, scrutinizing that these guys go through is UNREAL. The judging alone on their vehicles is something that you can be assured does not happen in North America. This is not a bash nor anything of the sort against officiating staff here, but you can be assured that the EUROs get completely battered judging wise.

Secondly I'd like to mentioned my thoughts on a few things that I believe NEED TO BE ADDRESSED !!
These are with regards to JUDGING and OFFICIATING.

Having experienced everything FIRST HAND this weekend I would like to know WHY are rules adjusted, altered and TWEAKED during World Finals weekend? No offence to any of the officiating staff but there has to be CONSISTENCY.. there has to be a UNIFORM set of rules that run for an ENTIRE season and not ones that get implemented on Finals weekend.

Secondly I believe its VERY IMPORTANT that certain issues get addressed and addressed RIGHT AWAY with regards to rules instead of ASSUMING, interpreting and ignoring. This weekend I witnessed issues that arose that where poorly addressed and I believe that these issues NEED TO BE BROUGHT TO LIGHT, ADDRESSED AND ANSWERED RIGHT AWAY and IMPLEMENTED into the RULES !!! If I were a competitor I would be LIVID and FURIOUS with how some things are going on.

Now on to some issues in particular.. First thing being the competing vehicle at the German venue that left the building while it was still competing. And before there is even an attempt to answer this let me make myself perfectly clear.. I know how things go and the EXCUSE about it not being in the RULE BOOK and merely being a POLICY is bogus !!! I have NEVER EVER EVER in the ten years I have been involved in dB Drag Racing and attended 10 WORLD FINALS have EVER SEEN a vehicle leave the building while the competition is going on. World Finals is just that WORLD FINALS... its not some 1x or even 2x event. IT IS THE WORLD FINALS of dB Drag Racing.

NEVER EVER has a vehicle EVER left the building while the competition takes place. So this occuring and being allowed to happen IS UNACCEPTABLE... and NO AMOUNT OF EXCUSES or reasoning about nothing being done to the vehicle or ANYTHING OF THE SORT can make up for this. Sorry but this is not some basic event.

Now on to my personal favorite is the points situation with the BRAZILIAN competitors..and let me make myself PERFECTLY CLEAR, I have respect for them... what I DONT RESPECT is the PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT and EXCEPTION that was given to them. And before anyone decides to make a FUTILE reply to what I'm about to say... please rethink what you are going to do!!! The BRAZILIAM competitors HAD NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to be eligible to compete for WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPs... The only one with the exception would of been the SINGLE competitor that had the required points needed... other than this individual NO ONE else should of been eligible let alone done so.
As it has been mentioned before by others on here I will also reiterate it...

The moment there is an individual in a country that has earned the 75points requirement any possible exception is NOT ACCEPTABLE I dont want to hear any excuses from anyone about the Brazilian competitors not having an opportunity to earn points and stuff. Its been proven that there was the possibility for competitors to collect and earn the necessary points. How dare ANYONE think they are above this and feel they are OWED an EXEMPTION.. There dozens if not hundreds of competitors who BUSTED their asses to earn their points. They spent thousand upon thousand of euros and dollars in travel expenses with a crazy amount of days as well. All of a sudden their hard work, investment and time is BELITTLED by the fact that the BRAZILIANS were granted SPECIAL TREATMENT... how dare anyone do this to the hard working competitors of dB Drag? How dare you make a mockery of what they have had to go thought.
All I have seen is Brazilian competitors coming on here and writing gibberish things about being owed the right and such... NO you are not OWED anything... YOU EARN IT !!! and in this case only ONE PERSON in Brazil earned the right to compete for a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP... If anyone decides to reply to this specific point you better make sure you come up with someone SPECIFIC and not quite some outdated section in a rule that doesnt apply to THIS PARTICULAR instance... you have been foretold

Now on to other things, my hats off to the Greek competitors first off. you guys rock and deserve much respect. I have seen firsthand what these guys go though and that is why they are in the Elite of the sport.

Secondly I've got to make mention of something that has already been brought up and thats about the unprecedented quadruple run of the Street Max finale. This by far was the craziest thing that happened during the weekend. Hats of to Cactus who pulled it off the fourth run. In his case its 4th time is the charm and not third.. congrats to you on the win.

Then there was the qualifying run in SS 1-2 by TVE with a score of 169.7 which was just mind blowing... just when I thought I'd seen it all, a few minuted later dB Devils blasted a 169.9 in SS 1-2 which sent everyone into a frenzy. So many things to talk about and mention.

This for now and more thoughts later on

Once again congrats to all who took part.
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First off George, conrats on your wise words!
And that you saw the positive and negative
aspects, what I observed also, like I observe
them all the time, at all 10 world finals
I attended, like you (when we met first in 2000 )
and there are sure problems over there and over here!

So I am with you with most of em.
Basically with all of them

But there ar emore things that guide to some circumstances.
I count (dindt do it close) about 14+ different
spoken languages and we have people from
all countries at one point were rules are
enforced, interpreted (original is english, what
is not easy to translate sometimes) different.
That dB Drag is basically HUUUUUGE brings
up these problems.

There must be more "calibrating" for judges
in different countries. Maybe a annual judge meeting?
Like in Politics LOL

About the driving out:
Your right. But believe it or not, I didnt
recognize that until you mentioned it!
I am pretty sure NOBODY did changes or left
the building on purpose of that. Wehn I competed
in the states, it was NORMAL.
But here its normal that people drive to the hotels or so.
Again, that is NO EXCUSE like you said, but its
just usual and nobody thought about that

Also, others may jump on me now (its not meant against you)
it was allowed to rebuild stuff here in Germany.
Like it is always. I recognized that also later
that in the states since a few years, no rebuilding or even bringing stuff out
to be repaired was allowed.
I hope that makes no trouble now.

On the other hand, this year other things
were obviously allowed in the US and not here.
But in that case it had minor effects, and
only to me, so not important to mention

It was a heck of a show and it was good to
be there.

Also good to meet you again George, my canadian friend!
Too bad you couldnt make it back to my house.
Youre always welcome.

And you know now how we do shows in Germany!
You saw my "little" show and you saw the finals,
organized by Detlef.

That there are problems and difficulties is normal.
We have that all over the world!

Again, I agree in most or all points you made
and have even more to add.
But that is not for public and should be discussed
and addressed internally.

And it WILL!
For the best results!

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I think that the Brazil issue needs to really stop and take it to Wayne because it was his desicion. so give them a break they did what they were told to do.
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I definitely agree, I don't think any blame falls on the Brazilian competitors. They were given a chance and they jumped on it.

It falls on Wayne, I for one think he made the right decision for dB Drag as a whole by letting Brazil participate. I'm sure points, etc will be required next year, now that everyone knows they may be included.
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Wayne Harris
Thanks for your thoughtful post.

As others have mentioned, I take responsibility for inviting the Brazilian contestants who had fewer than 75 points. Although you may feel differently, the dBDRA is afforded this right in section 9-3 of the 2009 dB Drag Racing rules...§ion=9

Because of your extensive history participating in World Finals over the years, you will probably recall that we permitted the Europeans to participate in the WF with only 50 points back in 2007 while contestants in the USA were required to obtain 75 points. There have also been lower points requirements for Extreme vehicles in the past as well.

This year's decision to require fewer points for Brazilian contestant's was not a matter a "favortism"... but rather growth. I believe that South America holds great promise in this regards.

In 2010, contestants in South America will be required to obtain the requisite number of points just like competitors in North America and Europe. This very same process was used when the Europeans joined the World Finals "fraternity" in 2007. And, based upon your report, the success we have achieved in Europe speaks for itself. I expect we will see similar results in South America.

Once again, thanks for your report.
Keep it Loud! Make me Proud!
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Thank you for the reply and your thoughts Wayne.
They are greatly appreciated and I understand many of the points you made.

I could go on regarding various things mentioned in my post but I believe that whats done is done and that the new season is upon us.

The main thing is that ANY AND ALL issues are addressed and dealt with moving forward in a timely manner.

Also it was good getting to chat with you and I look forward to the new season and what it has to offer.

You can be assured that you have full support in all matters.
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kraven moorehead
I have no issues with anything that grows the sport.
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Ron caravan man
x2! I personally did not have a problem with it! I too want the sport to grow...
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yes we need growth, much in the USA too

Ron, we missed you at finals BUddy!
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