Well NSPL nation we have finally gotten the first class of inductees into the NSPL Hall Of Fame ready! Congratulations on making it in the first class in NSPL history. This list will continue to grow each year as we add more former and current competitiors.

NSPL Hall Of Fame
2010 Inductees

Shawn Arnold (Ultimate Audio)
Mike Barfield
Cynthia Buie
Chad Burchette
Steve Cotton
Gary Fletcher
Gerald Harper (Harper Electronics)
Tim Heath (Audiosports)
Thomas Hendriks
Tom Hill (Audio Rythms)
Ron Jones (Infinite Audio)
Carter Lewis
Jamie Long
Jay Lovelace (Creative Acoustics)
Brian Martin
Terence Mclean
Kevin Meetze
Rick Miller (Sound On Wheels)
Britt Myers (Audio Excellence)
Marvin Rather
Erik Reid
Steve Sloan (1st member of NSPL)
Doug Shores
Todd Simmons
Scott Stacks (Creative Audio)
Shane Stafford (Carolina Custom Audio)
Stacey Stover
Martin Taylor
Julius Timmons
Alan Thompson
Brantley Waites (Elite Audio)
Adam Wolfe (Dream Makers)
Jared Wright (Eastgate Electronics)
Jeff Wright (Tint Wizard)
Jim Young (Ear Candy Autosound

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Mr.Sears one 15 sub from hell
Great list Fred.
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Oh my i haven't seen those names in yearsss, wow
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Thanks for the induction Fred, it's a cool honor.
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Gary F.
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The Natural
There is someone missing.

Jimmy Zimmerman!

He was competing when we started, and was still in it when we stopped!

Unless he just ran dB Drag at all those shows!?!?

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Originally posted by Gary F.:
Pretty sure this man sold most of the equipment to the people in this list....lol
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