ESP Challenge
Points champion for the 2012 season will win $1000.

For the 2012 season, there will be bigger incentives to give you even more reason to make it out and compete at the already exciting dB Drag Racing and Bass Race events in the OH, IN, MI, PA area. The rules for points accumulation at individual events will remain the same so you just need to come on out and do your thing. Next, there will be the standard ESP Challenge 1X events and they will be $50 to win. There will be occasional 2X and 3X ESP point events (with higher payouts, ie. $100) which will be critical to at least atttend in order to earn more points towards your season end total. If there should be a tie in points at the end of the season then one or more tie break methods will be used to determine the overall winner. The first way is by whom ever has the most individual event wins. Second way is by whom ever has the most perfect event scores, ie 20 pts at a 1x, 40 at a 2x or 60 at a 3x. This should break any tie and in turn crown a champion. The Grand Prize for the season ending points champion in 2012 will be a minimum of $1000 thanks to Wicked Kustomz for sponsoring half of that pot. It will only keep growing from here. There can only be one Grand prize winner and champion. More TBA

There will be no more than 15 ESP Challenge events. There is no limit on how many events you may attend but only your top 10 scoring events will be used towards your season ending total (this helps you out incase you have an event where you don't do so well). This way you dont have to attend all of the events if you dont want to but doing so increases your chances of winning in the end. Your individual event totals will be tracked and recorded.

Standings         Competitor         Wins         Points total         #1 10/29 2X         #2 12/31 3X         #3 3/25 3X
1         Mike Mack         1         90         36         54        
2         Matt Azam                 80         38         42        
3         Team Atrocity Mike                 45         18         27        
4         Dominic Martino                 42         0         42        
5         Team Aftermath Ben                 41         14         27        
6         Team Concepts Josh         1         38         38         0        
7         Rob Heeter                 38         38         0        
8         Arizona Kid                 30         30         0        
9         Casper Skafs                 27         0         27        
10         Team Atrocity Levi                 20         20         0        
11         Team Aftermath Caleb                 20         20         0        
12         Trevore Hoekstra TSI                 16         16         0        
13         TSI Tim                 16         16         0        
14         TSI Jon                 14         14         0        
15         William Lay                 10         10         0        
16         Chris Jordan                 8         8         0        
17         John Hrabik                 6         6         0

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Rich Stitt
1......38......1.....Team Concepts Josh
2......38......0.....Rob Heeter
3......38......0.....Matt Azam
whats the 1 stand for greg everyoneelse has ...0?
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Rich Stitt
nevermind i see wins now
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it was a close one for sure
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ESP Challenge
We had a three way tie for first place at the event in ESP points so the win was decided in a tie-break which Josh won due to having more .9s.

Its still very early in the new 2012 points chase so anyone can still win the points championship which will reward the winner with $1000. Your (up to) 10 best event finishes are counted and added up to decide the overall winner. Next event is looking like Dec 31st New Years eve, a Saturday from 12-6pm. This will be a 2X db Drag/Bass Race, 1X USACi and 3X ESP Challenge event #2.
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