Wayne Harris

== 2019 dBDRA Rules ==

The 2019 dBDRA Rules are now on-line. I want to thank all of our judges, event promoters, and international agents for their assistance this year.

I am pleased to announce that the vast majority of our rules have not changed. We have good momentum and I think that our current rules are really, really good. This year, there are a few significant changes as well as some general editing of the rule book to make things more concise.

The major change is related to Street Stock.

The Street Stock division has been renamed "Stock".

The old Street Stock 1K class retains the same name but now includes some significant eligibility requirements. Please see section 2-5 for specific details. These changes were necessary to ensure the growth of the dBDRA.

The remainder of the Street Stock classes have been renamed to "Pro Stock". All of these classes are the same as last year.

Another big change is related to the points that are awarded at the Finals (Championships) each year. Beginning at the 2019 Finals no points will be awarded for participation. This change does not affect the 4X points that were awarded at the 2018 Championships.

Soon, we will post the points requirements for 2019. I did not want to hold the 2019 rule book up any longer.

Finally, membership kits are estimated to start shipping in February.

Good luck this year and remember to have fun!


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