Vlad Vana
Hi all, 
We have set up the 2019 events calendar for dBDrag Racing UK Championship.
The next events are sure to happen. Please note that we have introduced the new format TOP DOG in our competition and we will have MULTIPOINT events starting this season!!!

Round 1 2X:  https://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=18313
Round 2 1X:  https://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=18314
Round 3 1X:  https://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=18315
Round 4 2X:  https://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=18316
Round 5 2X:  https://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=18317
Round 6 2x:  https://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=18318

We will keep you informed about other events that will take place during this season!!!
Think Pink !!!
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