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I stumbled upon this deal of a lifetime on a nasty ole 5.0. The bodys in great shape, needs paint, but that it! Have a look at this parts list..
75mm mass air
70mm edelbrock throttle body and agr spacer
adjustable fuel pressure regulator
255 lph fuel pump
trick flow stage one camshaft
scorpion roller rockers 1.6
trick flow 4340 pushrods
comp cams- valve springs, retainters, and locks
ford racing clutch
msd tfi blaster wires
pro 5.0 shifter
clutch quadrant + firewall adjuster
underdrive pulleys
3:73 gear
worked e7 heads, gasket matched to intake
worked upper and lower intake
cold air intake
bbk long tube headers
bbk x-pipe
flow master two chamber exhaust
wa9l computer
subframe connectors
all premium felpro gaskets
competition engineering gas adjust drag racing shocks

Err.. and thats about it. I've never owned a v8 and this should be interesting. Hopefully I'll keep it out of the ditches and trees. Never wrecked 1989 25th anniversary mustang II 5.0 coupe. NASTY!

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Exile son of Exodus
What a deal! is it stolen?
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stang em
Dats not ad at all. Dats bout what I paid for my 92 5.0 GT in 03. And with all those upgrades it should be running pretty nice. I'm up to 230K on mine and I have a few of the upgrades that the one youre talking about has. Have fun and just make sure that you keep some good tires on it.
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Powered By Hate
lol nah its quite legal.. too bad a tag is 350 dollars in fl now.. so i'll be in it for 3k no matter what..
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