Hiquphon OW1 & MBQuart Q series tweets
ScanSpeak Revelator 12M/4631G 4.5" Midrange
Dynaudio MW 172 midbass

Hiquphons and the ScanSpeaks in sealed kicks?
MB Qs in the A-pillar if needed?
172s in the doors sealed?

Am I correct?
Is this the best way to set up these components for SQ?

150 watts RMS(filtered and dedicated channels) to each driver (maybe only 100 rms to each tweet)

What do you guys think?

There's one or two real good install guys in my area (Boston)

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Id put the midbass in the kick panel, and, put the mid range in the door and tweets in the pillar!
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really? midrange in the door?
I'd probably put the midbass in the door and midrange in the kicks if anything was going in the door.
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Andy Jones
Why two tweeters? Especially two tweeters that different?

The Dyn is either going to need a free air (cut a hole to the outside of the vehicle) or a VERY large enclosure. I don't see you getting that kind of airspace in a kickpanel. If you are willing to cut that is different.

The Scan--put it in a sealed enclosure. Doesn't have to be big. In fact, you don't want it very big.
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Would my door provide a big enough enclosure? The install guy I'm going to use is VERY good with sealing doors...
I'll have him put the dyn's in the doors sealed and build kicks for the OW1's and the Scans...
I'll skip the tweets on the A-pillars.
Good plan?

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Andy Jones
Doors are fine if you can stop the rattles.

Test the tweet and 4" both in the kick. If you don't get a rainbow--I prefer that over having a tweeter in the apillar.

If you have a rainbow (and it is the tweeter causing it),then you don't really have a lot of other options (other than finding a tweeter that doesn't rainbow).

Sounds like a very nice setup.
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