i have 4 18s behind the passenger side and port on the drivers. the box is 30 cubes with port. and the port is 390sq. its completely tight from side to side all curves and roof. and its behind the front seats.
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What exactly did you need help with? It seems like a good start so far (besides the port area being too small if your just going for SPL.)

Any pics?
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teamflorida AJ
go large for SPL !! mine at the start of 2003 2) soloX 18's with 8) Kx-1200.1 amps
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Pulse Car Audio
make sure the front baffle is very solid and thick. also, remember on a wall for spl to tune a bit higher, and the box size will be quite a bit smaller than a box tossed in the back of a tahoe.

also on a wall.. make sure each sub loads the same way. if the sub at bottom is moving more than the top, it can usually end up with some cancellation, or even ruining a sub.
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Keith Bass
What is the question? Or what are you trying to do here
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Team who
-Sound Deaden the entire front cab of the van.
-10,000watts on each driver
-Try a BP4 style enclosure design?

Are you trying to stick within certain orginization rules like DbDrag?
What class? Super Street?
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