anyone ever work with a 97 ford escort? TRUNK CAR! not the wagon if so i need your experience with the car....

trunk is wicked small and this guy has 2 15s...

im not sure how i can port it, but im thinking external aero ports because the box is so limited on space....

the current box is 35 Length x 16.5 depth x 15.5 height and is built with half inch MDF....

im thinking i will build a box with 3/4 mdf..

subs: 2 american bass XFL 15s
amp: kicker vx1000.1

does anyone know the max internal dimensions that you can fit a box in this trunk? im trying to avoid building the box in the trunk because that would be quite a project...

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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any suggestions at all...

the only way really to get the box in would be through the trunk because the opening towards the cabin is only 14.5 inches tall or so...

but the trunk is even weirder to work with because the entire opening to the trunk is like.. oval, its hard to explain.
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Team Prodigy Mike
It sucks! I had a 98 escort. I won Indy regional in the 139.9 class with it. I had 2 solo x 12 and 4 kicker 1500. It could burp about a 147 and change. Your box is about as large as itcan get without building it in the trunk
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i`ve got a compact box the u can use that will play great both for spl and streetplay and its guranteed 140db
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warlord, is it ported and fit 2 15s?

how much cu ft is this box?
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Talk to Mike Lutz about that car. He was able to get his up to a 147.x with 2 Kicker solo x 12's. Those 12's are basically 15's with all the cone area that they have. I also had the same exact car but I only managed a 144.2 out of it with a pair of 12's and 1900 watts. The point is that the car is just hard to get loud since they pretty much suck for spl. Allthough I think if I had one again I could break a 150 in it with all the knowledge I've gained since then, not to mention much better equiptment now then what I had then. My number was done with Alpine Type R's at that
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