Stefano Eupani

I wanted to publicly thank all the competitors who participated in the World Finals in Italy.

Each of you has left me good memories.

For each of you would do a special thank you, because each of you has a history of travel and participation, you were all very fair and understanding and I hope that all of us (staff and judges) will have left a good memory of World Finals in Italy this done ..

Special thanks go to all that the judges present, all equally have been friends of this wonderful adventure of the World Finals.

I also thank the only two companies present, who have kept their promise of sponsorship of this World Finals:

B2 Audio - Denmark
Sky Way - Italy

I thank my friend George for wanting to come to Italy to see the WORLD FINALS, taking of personal leave days.

Thanks again to all of you.

But there are also known as painful as an organizer are disappointed that fewer than 18 competitors have accepted the invitation for participation in the World Finals, but did not even deign to tell you that would not come.

Know that even if you came, everything was ready for you and that means that I have worked for you.

You want respect, but do not you give it, I think you should be ashamed.

But above all you should be ashamed of the three competitors who participated in the World Finals of BASS RACE, but have not paid their subscription.

I'm tempted to publish your names, but I am too a man and I do not want to lower your level
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Hi Stefano, we take much pride in keeping our promises.
Wether it is about a sponsorship, a customer or a product.
We are only as strong as the weakest link, therefore we strive to improve & at least make our words count.

Thanks for hosting the finals, hopefully we will see each other soon
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loud tercell
Mr.choclate please clear your PM.
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Team Prodigy Mike
Man that's kinda messed up.
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Originally posted by loud tercell:
Mr.choclate please clear your PM.
Has been cleared, only now yours is full
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