I'm looking for a little help with the termpak software. I'm designing a box for my old Power HX2 woofers, but don't know how to deal with the dual voice coils when entering specs into the program.

Thanks for any help.
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Wayne Harris
I would recommend that you enter add two new drivers to the database...

1. Power HX2 (SER)
2. Power HX2 (PAR)

When entering the driver's advertised impedance, double the value for SERIES and halve the value for PARRALEL.

For example, if each coil is rated at 4 Ohms, the SER value would be 8 and the PAR value would be 2. Then, you can select the driver that best fits the wiring configuration you will be using.
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I don't have to worry about any other values changing, like Vas, or Qtc?
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