loud tercell
This thread is to find out who all represented Americanbass at finals in all locations. Please state your name class and how you placed at world finals.

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Team Psycho Broken
Team ICE
Super Street No Wall
4 American Bass 1100.1's
2nd in North America
4th In the World
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GA Loan
i had the van in the ab booth
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Tri star audio
1 ab1100.1
2 psi tc 18 in hummer h3 hatch
154.7 legal 3rd place iasca idbl advance 1
149.9bass race qualified #1 with perfect 149.9 then busted out in brackets lol!
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loud tercell
Thanks guys i hope all the others post on here i just dont want to do a thread and forget to mention anyone.
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SPL Inc.
Street C
#1 in North America.

All AB gear
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loud tercell
Chris volpini
street stock b
1st place national champ
1st place world champ

Thought i would put chris up since he dosent come on often. There must be others
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CJ Clish
I placed 2nd in the Idbl today in lacy WA. I have 2 15in HD's on a VFL-750.1. I got to get two of them VFL-Comp 15's tho.
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