hey everyone

hows it going well came into let everyone know i am done with spl.

van is up for sale but has been gutted out .

i may still pop into shows to say hi and see how people are doing .

i have built a daily for music with 2 15's and 2 ss 6500,s with one 12 batt .

have already busted the rear veiw mirror off
the window three times .

don't ask what it is tuned to i dont know .

box measures internally 331/4 wide by 17 3/4 high by 19 3/4 deep

slot port 6 inch high by 33 1/4 inch wide by 10 depth .

this thing slams oo and it is cut and screwed together has no glue and no resin at all.
all 1 layer but subs mounted to 3 layers ...

i will try to get pictures up .

subs up port back all in the back of a 94 jeep cherokee limited truck 4x4

see you all in the lanes some day .
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I will get pictures up when i can in this topic,

i know i have said before i was done but now i am for sure .
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Good luck Ron!
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thanks marty i owe out money so i am selling the van and the 9 batts .
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