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8 sundown sa-10s
1 hifonics cyclops 4000
series tuned 6th order bandpass (so to speak)

holdin a 146 all day to music peakin at 35hz
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2 Sundown Audio Nightshade 15's
2 Sundown Audio saz3500's @ .5 ohms
3 XS Power D3100's, Iraggi 260amp alt

Best dash score: 154.3db @ 46hz
Best kick score: 156.2db @ 46hz

In a Focus ZX3

New setup:
4 Sundown Audio sa12's
2 Sundown Audio saz3500d's @ .5 ohms
3 XS Power D3100's and Iraggi 260 amp alt

Best dash score: 155.6db @ 42hz
Best kick score: 157.4db @ 44hz

Also in my Focus ZX3 with this box being more for daily tuned to 36hz, and peaking at 42hz in car.
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2 Sundown Audio SA-12's
1 Sundown Audio SAZ-2500d

legal sealed on the dash for IASCA iDBl- 142.5db with no testing
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2 Sundown SAZ-2000D's
2 Sundown Nightshade 15 V1's
152.1DB Sealed on the dash @49 Hz and only 3,157 watts of clamped power. Current NSPL Truck/SUV 1801-3600 Watt World Record Holder.

I was going to attempt a 153 and hopefully keep it at or under 3600 Watts to break my current World Record. Unfortunately, I blew one of my amps and still put up a very impressive number at The Border Show. I did a 149.1 Sealed on the dash @ 49 Hz and an amazing 947 watts of clamped power. Probably could have gotten a little more, but my windshield cracked.
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Originally posted by 97maxima:
Best to date score
Sundown Zv2-18
American Bass 500.1 (clamping 3400 watts at 1.8ohms
148.2@40hz sealed legal
149.9@40hz outlaw
146.1 on music sealed
Trunk build
149.3 sealed on the dash at 45hz
151.6 outlaw at 45hz
148.8 meca at 45hz
147.xx on music sealed at 43hz
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jlh2003 wrote:
2 Sundown Audio SA-12's
1 Sundown Audio SAZ-2500d

legal sealed on the dash for IASCA iDBl- 142.5db with no testing

2 Sonic Soundlabs Super Sonic X 12's
1 Sundown SAZ-3500
148.2 sealed

2 Sonic Soundlabs Super Sonic X 12's
2 Sundown SAZ-3500
150.4 sealed
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160.0 on the dash with 16 sundown audio sa 15s is our best for now but the vehicle isnt done yet.. hopeing and wishing for a 63 by the end but we will see
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2007 KIA Sportage
2 Sundown Nightshade15V1's
2 Sundown SAZ-2000D's strapped.
2011 NSPL Truck/SUV 1801-3600Watt Class World Record- 152.1db @49hz and 3,157 Clamped Watts and yes this was sealed on the dash.
No one has beaten this record without going over not even me at World finals last year.
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