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pimpin at my house
i believe it is 2amp. i have used on 2 amps several times no problem. this piece SAVES TIME!

i solder on longer leads for the loc and solder those in at the right rear speaker (summing the left and right). then solder on a small fuse holder and grab power and ground in the amp terminal and remote is right there. its a pretty small piece to 2"x4" bout.

metra made a sencing for remote that was seperate but i had problems with those and contacted metra and they knew about it. like amp wouldnt come on or wouldnt shut off type deal. the problem was with chevys when ya open the door it would trigger because the door chime play threw the stock speakers and just burppppppppp. the audiopipe model will kick the amp on but with no feedback and shut off 10sec after the door is shut.

for a termpro bro and shipping i can probley ship ya one for $10. pm me if interested. now mods NO profit made here...
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Originally posted by D-Bass:
what kind of vehicle is this going in?
Kenwood and Alpine make nice decks at good prices.
I would recommend doing the better KnuKonceptz wire over the KLM stuff. You get better conductance, less resistance-which equals more power and less heat buildup. It's also much more flexible and therefore easier to install. The flexibility comes from it being actual copper, and a more flexible insulating sheath
its going in an 08 Frontier... Only problem with the Flex stuff is there is no amp kit on their site and because im new i didnt want to stray away from a kit lol
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