just bought one from a pawn shop today. just wondering what to expect from it??

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I have a 3da-7987.. nice little unit, the changer mechanism has tooooo many moving parts though.. and can sometimes jam etc.. but all around a decent unit mine has 4v preouts and ai-net, I haven't played with it much but I'm impressed sofar.

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Word of warning. This unit is cool and all but I bet that of the dozen or so that I have sold in the past 2 years have all come back to me with problems. As a saleman and a friend I suggest selling that unit. I have not seeing any good out of it. Cartridge gets stuck ALL the time. It also seems to have many internal troubles too. You should see how pissed our technicans get when they see that they have to work on one of these units. It as got to the point that we will not even sell these to customers or even service them cause we know that they will be back within 6 months. Just a word of warning. Hope this helps.

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Jason B
Anyone have one they want to sell????
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10 year's old come on
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