I have a Opel Corsa B 1400cc engine. Also know as vauxhall corsa, Chevrolet Classic, Chevrolet Corsa. I have upgraded the alternator to a 90 amp so far. I want to upgrade the alternator to a proper high output alternator.

I have been looking at XS Power, DC power, Ohio Gen. Can someone please help me with a part number so that I can purchase the correct model that will be suitable for my car.

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Hi blake I'm from south africa also , I can help you with a 160 amp alternator .
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Hi Blake,

Post the GM part number of the original, i think it will be easier then to help you.

You could also contact Zombie as he has nice alternator and regulator mods. I have had a couple of his items and they all worked well.

Ralph Hendricks
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