I am looking to upgrade my power cause I want to do street trunk and bass race. Would it be better to get a 3 to 4 watt amp or 2 amps that are say 1500 to 2000watts a piece? Trying to find the best combo for my taurus that has least drain on batteries. Subs are 400rms each xo subwoofers from american bass.
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I think 1500-2000 would be better that 3 or 4 watts but I mean, it depends on the install

for the most part pairs have always done slightly better power and had slightly more efficiency but with the newer amps it could be they're rated higher or lower so I would also say power would depend on the amps. but for a given power and stress level of amps equal to make X amount of power. The pair of amps would do better power and be more efficient at matched power output... if that makes sense
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