Which is a better amplifier ot of a rockfod fosgate 4500 or a memphis mojo 4000?
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Master Yoda
on 12 volts I would say the Rockford! but on 16volts I would say the Mojo!! I have personaly see the mojo's (old Style) clamped at over 6000 watts on 16 volts!! with only 4 Kinetic batteries. but there are other amps out there that do better then them both! curretly I am seeing 3600 watts out of my Mojo's at 3 ohms( after rise)!! I would recomend a Cactus amp over either of theses two!!
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memphis mojo i would say but either are power hungary and u need the batts/power to back them up or u going to kill them
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