Hi i have just ordered 6 new subs they are atomic ele 12s with upgrade to 4 layer flat wound coil i was looking at 6 atomic 3k amps or maybe 12 of there 1600 amps and strapping them i wonder if there is any others brands i should be looking at and what makes and and suggestions everyone has
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Atomic is good but you could also look at:
Cactus Sounds
All strong companies and well know in the drag circle. I'm sure others will chime in
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team jeffrey
soundigital makes 3k amp and there a very good company

here there link
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I would say cactus amps, DD amps or Adassa Amps.
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Or maybe even the B2 audio m1's the amps who made Cactus sweat in the SM 1-2 class this year.
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American Bass. Rock solid reliable performance. Contact Bob Ahuja, Check out the website
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use only one amp, it is nice

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