I still have one of the ancient termlab kits from back in late 1990's. The one that used the Josephson stick mic, Soundblaster16 IDE card, & Windows98. I was hoping to be able to bring this thing back to life and use it as a tool here at the shop. Unfortunately I don't have the security dongle that plugged into the parallel printer port, and it won't work without that.

Does anyone still have one of these they may be willing to part with?
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bud, take that to a museum.
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yeah,,,i gave 1000.00 for mine,and the next yr it was obsolete,barely got 500.00 out oh it with the computer,jim in dayton oh was getting comps going with his own format
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i have a complete unit from back in 1997 or so, it was our factory team hifonics unit. highest ours saw was teammate john henry 174.4db. i actually would love to sell it, mine has rta,box builder programe and all. $300 and you can have it. everything is built in, it was built to be shipped to factory team hifonics members all around the US

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