I've been on scene with bass and installs for a while now years even having bass vids and insane installs 8 12" woofers in a room with amps, batts etc hooked up.

I'm 16 as of now going to be 17 in 2 months from now I can do almost any kind of work when it comes to electronics including

Car Speaker
Car Sub woofers
Car Amps
Car battery's
And Window Tint installation

Also able to build sealed and round/slot ported boxes as long as building materials are provided.

Very good with wiring and electronics and will work for minimum wage or under the table payments.

I'm from the Taylor MI area and will travel -as long as it's not hours away- best way to contact me is to txt me anytime at 313 670 7789 or send me a msg on here thanks!
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