She is green to the lanes. No deadning not a thing. First db drag build. And don't want to drop ton-o-coin on the build cuz Not much up in the north west. Canada is going to be were I hit most of the comps.

Is the steal pipe n concrete floor for a No wall going to gain anything?

Looks like 2 18's off 7k each right now. As far as power and subs 4 aqx 3500.1's and 2 18's ill have built by corey with night shade motors

And behind the b pillar what can we do on deadning above glass line?

Things I know the van needs done is to jb weld the "rib" roof supports to roof, and I don't know how to fix the rear side glass....with 1 crunch gp15d2 and 800 watts rms they leaked bad...can we glue them shut?
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