stang em
I'm at the drawing board and there are some subs out there that I have not been able to see or hear in person. I was thinking about doing 1 of the IA 21 inch subs. They have two of them. One is 1200 rms and the other is 2500 rms. Ive seen some youtube vids of them in action but it doesnt give me any insight to the box or power and whatnot. I wanna know if the subs are mean mechanically or are they just a big sub. I dont want to get one and only do a 145db.
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the subs are built from the ground up , the build quality is unreal , and their very loud subs can hit the lows very well

im a distributor so if you ever need anything give me a call 1250 510 0645
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Maybe some bias?
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dB Don
I have not seen to many of those around but I did see a couple installed in a vehicle in Florida. The sound was very low and smooth and seemed to handle the power quite easily. I can't comment on the build or install of it without first hand experience sorry. Best bet is to email the guys at IA and get the real story.
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Boogie Woogie
well personally ive seen death penaltys take well over 4000 watts and be perfectly happy. so thats my input on build quality. and nick and josh are very smart when it comes to all this stuff.
i've been running a dp15 for around a year now and i can't complain one bit.
if you get it you will be very happy
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Robin down in Florida ran a pr I believe. He's the one that sticks out the most as far as most knowledgable on that particular sub.
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