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im using 4 of the SS sst-22s. i had to adjust my SS pq-7s freq range 1k-15k cuz there a bit bright. but sound great with 3 sets of SS pcc.6ns.
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pimpin at my house
i am a fan of the pro audio mids (6.5")but they laque in midbass bigtime...
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well you should try the beyma PRO Nd LW30 or G40 SERIES midbass you will be pleasently surprised
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i bought powerbass fronts and rears. the rear 6x9s blew from a autotech mm4.75 and the front 4x6s blew. so now im using kenwood excelons and there alot louder and cleaner but im still unsatisfied with the fronts
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Neill Barber
I used the 4XL's for around 3 years and never had a failure. Very nice and loud drivers.Not lacking in midbass either.

My truck was always very full and thick sounding. I used the ATX tweeters from Audio Pipe also.

Although thats not what Im using now I would say that they are very very impressive drivers.

The SS's are louder but do not play as low as the 4xl's. The 4xl's have a little larger coil and heavier cone.

Any questions PM me.

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Originally posted by Jay Odom: no pict but all beymamids tweets and subs soundigitalmono full range amps. letme tell i have never heard hotel california sound so good even at 4am in themorning.
lol, i do the same thing @ 4 am
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