which amp 1700-2krms vote

 hifonics brutus, under $200 on amazon free prime shipping 1 vote
 american bass phantom ph4000md, 2krms got a local rep will get price tba, very small 13"long 0 votes
 1700-2krms, your choice, around $200, if you choose this post which amp you recommend any maybe why. 0 votes
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so, my substage will be pretty modest, a pair of 2.5" vc class subs (hifonics brutus or maybe some ABs if the rep can get it to me for a similar price, $100ea for the brutus subs shipped, or a single midsize sub 3"vc $200ish and a 1400-2000rms amp $200ish to push them. debating between:

hifonics brutus 1700d (cea compliant btw) $200 shipped off amazon fedex air *found one locally for $160 used today on CL*

or the AB ph4000md, $260 shipped, bought from local hawaii rep but at $100 over the used one, so far the used one is the most likely candidate...

I like polls (excersizes my internet/forum use and makes me feel like I know how to use all the options, plus I get points from it) so brutus vs AB phantom vs $200ish 1700-2krms amp of your choice, if you put this down please post which amp...

I'm not getting it RIGHT away but it'll be on my list soon as I can order it sad I sold my saz2000d last year for cheap and I'm now looking for a replacement in the same class lol. granted the saz was a little more and under rated. still the kind of power I'd like ideally... may order subs/amp same time who knows.
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