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i seen one the other night when one of those guys was humpin rosie o donnell, i turned it fast to not return to that show again
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okay, I didn't see it last night, I'll have to wait till Friday. dammit!

lmao!! yeah,Chad.. that was a CRAZY episode
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Boomin Audio Competitions - Andy
the one last night saw so, so Next week is going to be crazier!!
Sean is becoming "BADer Santa" LOL
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yea i watch the show a lot, i used to make sure i watched every episode but working nights in a kitchen doesnt always afford me the time, but now i dont work and im in college so i can watch it all the time, i like it, its gotten alittle wierd the past few seasons but its still a good show, i liked the first and second season the best, i missed this weeks episode but ill catch it this weekend sometime
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