I have the AP-100-SPL battery, and want to leave it on float (long term) charge.

I cannot find any data about the suppliers of this battery online - google brings up a couple of posts on this forum.

Currently i have charged it at 14.3 volts until i am only getting 0.01 amps of current going in. It floats at about 12.95 now after a few days off charge.

I want to leave it on charge long term for weeks at a time without worrying about damage, but so it is always ready for use when i need to do testing.

I have seen on some websites the best "float charge" for a battery like this is about 13.2 volts, with a "equalising charge" of 14.4 volts for 24 hours once a month. Would this be a good idea or should i float it higher, like 13.8 like the northstars want???

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augustijnen Peter
u wont find much info on this batt
there's only made 3 off them
The one and only , back for more !!!!
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Team DD Belgium - Dieter
If you want to keep it on a charger permanently, the best thing is to trickle charge it with a C-Teck charge for instance.
If you want to burp with it, just a 14,8V charge with a regulated power supply till the current stops dropping.
This battery will float lower than an NSB style battery, so 12,95v is a very healthy state of charge.
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Thankyou - i will go buy a Ctek this afternoon and only use my regulated power supply when i am charging for use in the lanes.
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