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I want to know what are the pros and cons to using aero ports. It seems like alot of people that use them use them outside the box. Which seems to take up just as much space as if the box was bigger or if the port was inside the box. Ive never really seen a new school wall with aeroes so it makes me think that aeroes work for certain space confined apps.
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db xTc
Aeros are often used in non walled setups, not so much in walls

Easier to change tuning and swap ports
Maybe louder, less turbulence
Don't have to rebuild box to change port
Easy design, port can go anywhere on box

Limited size choices
Can get pricey to purchase multiple for tuning changes
Won't fit in a small box and take up more space
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I did head to head on slot vs areo...same port area areos better output in a non wall ap. Areos ezer to tune for peak vs slot...I still do a lot of slot port cuz I can do much bigger port area. If I have a kis w/ 2 10's in a smaller box a lot of the time if port will clear I go areo. I can bend slot along the walls ez. Walled I always go slot. I made some prefabs for the shop with small areos on smaller boxes and the slamed. Ez cash and carry that did get loud for the $ they spent and not tuned to high like lots of ported prefabs I can buy. That's my 2 pennys
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