I have, over the past 4-5 years thoroughly enjoyed my trips to the Euro finals (later "worlds") to see friends, have a few beers, talk spl and generally have a holiday while doing something i love.

I think it would be a shame to not have a Euro type event this year - even if it is not an official "regional" finals - i.e. so people can compete in National Finals in the host country and still qualify for going to the Worlds in March -

example -

October 3rd - French National Finals
October 3rd - English National Finals
October 10th - German National Finals
October 10th - Greek National Finals

October 29th-31st - European Regional Finals.

That way everyone can fairly compete for the worlds, but a central show would be a great thing for the sport i think, and especially for the competitors who are used to this end of the year traditional meet?

Anyone else agree?
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French National Finals will be October 30 and 31ST
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@Box - the dates were just made up to show how it "could" work - so a European event could be in November.

The question is more do people WANT an event like this????
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I think that if Europe makes a late independent of the end of the world would compete first and second place in each category in each country and should be the end of the year, so the countries of Europe can organize national finals to mid of November.

It's just an idea

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