Hello Wayne this and my last attempt to ask you a new sensor more than three years I've been talking to you about this subject and you told me that I would be the first to be able to test the new sensor up183dbz.More intristece me know that we are close to another final this world and you do not even listenin to the SPL world it is very important for all companies of amplifiers and subwoofers You President and owner of the db drag termlab equipment should take action urgent if not extreme categories of the competition had become extinct worldwide. I have one test for u see one ampli in my volvo with 17kw I have 181 dbz and with 3 amp 50kw 181,6dbz in termlab but [I] change for one meter 194dbz rta30 I play 1 amply 17kw 181.4dbz and 3 ampl 50kw 185dbz Wayne, please read this with attention and affection to qo SPL world will not die.

Tks your time
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