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Originally posted by deaf tones:
Originally posted by JohnnyKo12:
If you ever call me (twice actually) at 6am on a sunday again, I'll kill you. I can guarantee you my penis will touch your face at some random time during finals. Paybacks!
fux you, you ungrateful bish.

we'll see if i ever go out of my way to send you a sexy wake up call again
Yea you will! And I'll still pretend like I'm mad
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13 text messages ftl.
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Originally posted by Murph:
Fag hag?
[NO]...they are not Fags, and I'm not in "hag" age range as of yet. Plus, being amused by "ghey" stuff that straight people do, is different from being amused by fag stuff.

Got it?
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[no] I think we need some nudes of ya to fully understand what your trying to say
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