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Too loud for tv
i can tell you this i just recently got 5 of the audiopipe 15001ds and people can put up these amps dont do rated power or they clamped theres @ 400 watts and all this crap. but im here to tell you. these 2 amps strapped are way stronger than the Kicker Kx 2500.1 i had and an soundstream xxx 6500D on 12V. as far as the 3000d stronger than the BAMF amp i dont know. im thinking the BAMF is good for at least 2500 rms. why dont you go get yours clamped by someone who knows how or even urself and we can go from there.
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I don't have the 1st clue how to clamp my BAMF and don't know if anyone around here would do it. I would love to get it done just out of curiosity though.
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