Just picked one for $80. I put in it in my crx running 2 alpine 6.5" in the doors & 2 5.25" Polk audio on the back on the front channels and my 2 6.5" in a doubleshot snailshell box on the rear channels. The gains are all the way down but I turned the bass eq up all on the rear. I had a blaupunkt v250 for the highs & alpine MRP-M450. The autotek is louder than the other amps. The blaupunkt is 75x2 at 2 ohms and I'm running the subs at 8 ohms so about 110 watts. The subs only handle 100 watts each so I can't run the alpine at 2 ohms. The manual for the autotek says it's 30x4 at 4 ohms and 120x4 at 2 ohms but I know it's more than that. It's a zed audio amp.
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