Hey guys, please dont roast me for my noobness. I have a 2002 Acura RSX Type-S. Anyways, I bought one of these converters at best buy so I could hook up my new amp and sub. I installed everything and it worked for a couple days until it just stopped working out of nowhere. When it was working every time I ejected the cd or turned of the stock deck manually the sub would make a loud deep bass that didn't sound very good until I put music back on or shut the car off. Finally the whole thing stopped working. The amp still turns on but that's it. All connections are fine. I have the converter tapped into the rear speakers. I left the remote unhooked because I was told that I didn't need it. White and gray connected to speakers and yellow to power at amp.

Here is how I wired my sub:

The subwoofer is an RE Audio SEX10D2 and the amp is a RE AUDIO DTS1000.1.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated guys!!!
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violent b
do the rear speakers still work? there are a couple of possibilities what has happened. 1) the output of the ADCT2 is toasted, or 2) the input of the amp is toasted. since the DTS1000.1 does not have high level inputs one way to determine if the amp is ok is take a set of rca's and cut off one end, strip back the wires, and connect the center conductor of the left rca to the positive speaker wire, and connect the shield to the negative speaker wire. then do the same for the other side, then plug in the other end of the rca to the amp. make sure the radio is turned down because you will overdrive the amp.
if you have sound then the amp is good and the ADCT2 is bad. if no sound you might have a damaged amp.
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