i hadnt been on here for a while due to traveling .i bought me a used rv and man i love it, except for missing all the shows! but i plan on hitting a few and it sleeps 6 so a few of ya can crash with me. oh,yeah,chad dont even think about using it to pull the horse trailer.LOL anway goodluck to guys and may the SPL GODS bless you.I miss seeing all us clowns cutting up! Maybe someday my hand will get right and me n tim can bump heads again! YOU ARE ALL MY SPL FAMILY AND ILL NEVER FORGET THAT! ESPECIALLY MY BOY D!

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Hmmm, sounds like the horses can come up front and be comfortable.
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welcome back lee. we have missed u. i hope the travelingwent well and i hope you have fun a the same time.
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Chad and I were just talking about you the other day.

Glad to see you doing good Lee.
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Good to see you back Lee !!
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