The full build log up to 2009 world finals can be found here.

So keep this on track we will see how it fairs in this section from this point on.

So 2010:

Upgraded to the next bigger amp then I used last year. I ran my amps had at world finals and was not happy doing so. I also played and won US death match and figured I should start with some fresh subs. These are the American Bass 120.1's and XFL Dual 4 coil subs. Nothing fancy just the type of amps and subs that people would use for daily pounding.

Old amp rack , my new amps are a little larger and would not fit.

New subs are in

Amp rack is out

Amp rack is in

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1st burp, gains set at 1/2 by eye hu preout voltage checked to know where to stop on the vl

WOOPS sure wish I would have finshed turning to volume up before the door let loose

WOW now I have to fix the roof at the a-pillar as well
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A few videos from it's past life

2nd run at 2009 db drag world finals (i wanted to prove 160+ bass race was very doable and did just that) Due to current rules though I was forced to rerun on the spot as there is no 160+ bass race class at world finals.

2009 world finals death match

Random demo vids from 2009 world finals taken by random people

1st bass race run of 2009 at a 1x show (every thing was still new and soild)

A few hair tricks at a 2x show mid summer

PT 1

PT 2

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Very nice. Glad you put it back here.

My astro is on if you want to check it out.
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Nice work Pete!
Keep the pics and results coming please
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Just finshed up the pass side door it now shuts with 14 bolts ...sure it's over kill but given the stock door frame i'm just praying it holds.

Pics later when i get home.

So....gain loose or the same spl any guess's ?
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No pic(s) camara batterys are dead. Did some testing with the door bolting shut, also added a extra gasket to try and help it seal. Well looks like I relay on cabin tuning more then I though I did. Only bolting across the top of the door had any postive change and it was only .1 however bolting the rest of the door donst matter where the bolts are at has a negitive impact. Some places worse then others. Found a real easy way to knock off over 1db in a matter of seconds if you bolt it up wrong.

The part that blows my mind it something as simple as a leaking dog house seal was a huge gain when sealed up.....yet a door thats opening over 3 inchs can casue this much headach. Oping the door to the point it's closed but not latched has less impact then just bolting it shut all the way around it. And just when you would think your figureing it out things like this happen.

After a some more testing on the door.....well it's no longer usable. Turns out when the door frame is held in place that the window channel decides to come apart. The door has come apart at the factory welds and no longer will keep a window in it.

Time to dig out my old door, it's beat up prety bad but at least it was still in one peice.

I'm wonding what affect it would have to build a extreme door for the pass side that would just remove any affect on the tuning. This things has given me more trouble than any other aspect of the van. I found out last year that adding mass to the door(wood blocks) was a good way to adjust the cabin freq to match the box freq.

The van has also picked devolvepod a new viberation that I dont like. When this was tuned for finals it had a 5hz window it would play the freq is dead on 1 up or 1 down is a massive loss....but it's the sound that has me puzzled. You can hear the freq it's peaking at by the sound of the van. The back wall of the sealed chanbers now have a strange sound above or below tuning.

Will be doing power tests to compare to my notes from last year to see whats going on....the van is still short a few db's from finals. Figures repalce with new subs and larger amps just to loose......when will i learn.
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Power is not the issues thats for DAM SURE. Wire to the amps.....maybe casueing a lack of clean power. Well I'm sure the amps are clipped to hell and I'm using the same wires I used last year only this time the wires fit loose on the amps......will look into that when I find where all my money went.

Have a show sunday and a trashed door......stoped by a budys house who just happened to have 1 of my old doors from last summer sitting around still. it was the orginal door off my van...and was still loaded with all the 2x6's I had used for bracing. I know for a fact that this door was not as loud as my fiberglassed doors but hay.

Freq shifted back to a happy 43hz. Spl......hehehehe 162.3 1st burp. The door is playing a key factor in this build.

Did some more poking around and also dicovered a issue. WATER DAMAGE in the encloser. The roof had cracked right above the loading wall and leaked water in over the winter. Out side of the loading walll is fine it's 8 inchs of oak with some 1/2 MDF over it so I'm not worried. The issue I see is that the inside of the ported chamber has also taken water damage. The back side of the loading wall has a large crack the the pass side coner right where the rounding is. The primer is also lifting as some of the wood has swollen(mdf). Dug a little deeper and it looks as if the whole front of the encloser has taken some form of damage and will need to be cut out.

The ONLY thing I can never get to it the top of the ever I do see a few gallons of fiberglass resin and a drill bit in the vans future. I'm hoping that would repair any of the 2x6's that may have been weakened once they soak up the resin.

Now that I know at least the front door and the finsh in the box is affecting my score for the worse I decided to see what the box number would be. I worked my azz off last summer trying to get every db i could and had just past the point that the dash was louder then the box.........Well the box number now destorys my dash number by over 3db. This at least give me a positive outlook though I'm sure THIS dash will never see that number given the way the van has begun to break.

I'm also puzled by the van it self, when burping 157 is almost quite out side the noise but a smooth hum and it's not loud by any means.

At 160 the van gets a little louder but still sounds soild can hold the same number in real time spl for at least 15 seconds on a sine wave eletic holds rock soild and the van is very constiant.

162 and up....the van sounds like it's ready to explode, the encloser makes sounds that make you want to run and the sheet metal sounds like it's going to rip. from 160-161 the power needed to gain is is not to real bad, past 161 it becomes hungery to gain. I'm trying to trace the distressed sounds of the encloser and the van to a large loss in effiency. I belive once I can fix this issue it will begin to gain very quickly again.
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Mr. Slate
Great tutorial Pete and best of luck this year.
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Mr Singh
Damn loud that sir
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Few vids from the last show, nothing great but it's more then I got last year.

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Mr Singh
Charging system looks strong, whats it consist of?

Impressive man!
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You don't know excuse my interruption.

I just wanted to give you the respect due..well done...

I've done many a large project alone and busted my hump to do what seemed impossible at the time.

Your attitude in the videos adds to the accomplishment as well.

I hope you had fun building or at least can look back on it with a sense of pride.

Have fun and good luck man..
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