I searched for a little while but couldn't find any general threads specifically about what size and brand/material type subwoofer and enclosure size/type combinations can be made for the beginning audiophile and basshead to get some bang for his/her buck.

That being said, I am a noob myself. I just recently installed a Sony XAV-60 head unit, RF Punch P500-1BD amp, RF 4 gauge wiring kit, and new audio enhancers prefab ported box (PB212). Unfortunately, I have the old SVC Punch P2 12s in it...by they only cost me $30 and came with a bandpass that I am still trying to sell.

My question is, what should I change as far as my Sub/enclosure combo goes to get some deeper, harder hitting bass. Some friends of mine and I have started some not so serious sound competitions here in town with police permission, so I want something that even with the windows down, can be felt from 50 yds away.

I drive an 04 Honda Pilot and have started to dynamat the car myself, and the hatch and entire roof are finished.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks.
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Subs up ports back, 2 4" ports per sub(parts express.com precision ports). Use 2 15" American Bass XFL's and an American Bass 500.1 on 2-3 batteries. Run as many runs of 0 gauge power and ground as you can afford or will fit from front to back. Upgrade the alternator and install an 0 gauge recharge wire from the alt to both the front and back batteries. Install the woofers in 3 cu/ft per sub. Cut port centers in incriments of 1" so you can remove and change the port length quickly for tuning. 4" thin wall white pvc pipe from homedepot/lowes will fit into the 4" precision port collars. Just glue the collars to the flares and use gorilla tape to secure the centers to the collars at both ends. Good luck

Team Neo - Eric
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